God loves you

If you will seek Him


God will show Himself to you

In the way that you most need Him

If you are a scientist at heart, (like me) then He might show you the amazing complexity of His amazing Creation

If you are a mathematician at heart, (also like me) then He might show you how He works with math in His Prophecies





He created you

+ He loves you soooo much

that He has found a way to be with us

by sending us the Cure for our human nature = EVIL


God cannot even look at us

let alone be able to live with

Christ is the Key

To unlocking our eternal futures


Eternity is one thing we must all deal with

Once we are even conceived

We are locked into this eternity thing

We all live eternally, once a person is conceived 


(aborted babies get a free ticket to heaven)

MAN = kills the most innocent, (did no wrong)

GOD = mercifully saves them

GOD knows all of us so well

that He can place our souls in the body that best suits us

for those who get a free ticket into Heaven

God knew that they would choose Christ anyway

so He can Rightiously allow them into Heaven


God can do this and still be fair,

because he knows everything, for all time

including if a person will accept Christ into their heart

and if a person is going to abort a baby

so he puts the people that would accept Christ

into the bodies of the babies that will be aborted


it is not all that good for them though

as they do not get the chance to make a difference

nor do they get to experience life in this fallen world


God created mankind in only one day

One of the six days that He created all things

Even space, and time, and matter,,,, AWESOME

He Created all the stars and planets

already in place, and in the correct motion


Evolutionists have to use massive amounts of time

To even come close to having a believable story


To believe that we came from dust

And their beliefs are, that we return to dust

They clutch to the belief that there is no after-life

No God to judge our thoughts and actions

(I don’t think we really believe it anyway)

((( we are fooling ourselves )))


Just take one look at most all the nature

Do you see how cold, scary, and dangerous it is

Is that any environment to nurtures life?

NO,,, life is rare + easily killed


How did a creature survive

For the many millions of years

As their arms and hands became wings

They could not hold food or protect their selves

(why has nobody asked these questions)

(how can anybody believe in this)


Evolutionist need massive amounts of time

But all matter has a expiry date

Which also means that it has beginning date

When all these complex machines had to start

Is it easier to believe that God Created everything

Or,,, that some sort of an explosion

was what made all of these innumerable atoms

that are made with such complexity

that they are able to keep running,(held together)

for millions + billions of years,,, NOT


It is totally ridiculous that we can believe such rubbish


And we allow this humanistic doctrine =(religious)

Be taught to our children

while not allowing other faiths to be taught


God created you and all things


He loves mankind and wants to have a relationship with us

-         But He is Righteous and cannot even stand to look at us (we would be destroyed)

o       Let alone be able to be anywhere's near us

§         To be able to have a relationship with us

·        His children

-         He has devised a way to have a relationship with us

o       It is a very costly price

§         It cost Him the life of His Son

·        Who the Father had to Look away from

o       While Jesus paid the price of sin for all of us

§         An indescribable amount of pain

·        That we could never pay ourselves

o       Or even bare to watch

-         He has sent us Clothing garments that cover up our sinfulness

o       In the Form of His Son

§         So that when He looks at us

·        He only sees the Righteousness of His Son

-         He even sent us a Helper, to Live inside us always

o       So, even when nobody else is there, God is

§         To show us how to do Right= (Best Friend)

·        But, we still get the choice

o       To do good or bad

§         Gift of God = free will


How could man build an atom in the first place

man has not even positively defined what they are made of


Why God MUST exist


This is truly obvious

-         It was made obvious by God Himself

o       To leave us “without excuse” (Rom 1:20)

§         So no one can claim ignorance

·        About being taught otherwise (evolution)

o       And not being your fault

All of Creation is made of matter

-         Which is made of atoms

o       Which are complex forms of energy

§         Each one has a sort of battery within

·        Keeping it powered and held together

o       For all time

§         Six thousands years so far

·        Not billons of years

These atoms are extremely complex forms of energy

-         These are Lovingly Made

o       Not formed in an explosion, (big bang)


They might listen


They might listen

     To one of the smartest guys in the world

-         Who might be able to blow away all of the previous records

o       This is even after the man died twice

§         Then was declared brain dead

·        Meaning that they turned off all life support

-         If I was telling them how logic and mathematical probability prove God to me

o       And He knows what will convince you that He exists


Maybe this story,(of how God has brought this Servant through life’s challenges) could be used to make money for the Church


No one will pay for me to take better IQ tests

-         They do not want me to be able to prove how high a Christian IQ can be

o       And still believe in the Word of God


No one will fairly debate me on an open forum

-         I get banned from them so quickly

           -  that I cannot answer the replies of others

                     - and have even had them delete my initial words

                                 - though I was assured that this does not happen,,,

                                           - I guess that they errase all question that they cannot answer

You would think that they would jump at the chance

-         To prove how wrong we creationists are supposedly wrong


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